Monday, May 3, 2010

Girl players molested by Muslim boys in Barrackpur

On 16 April 2010, inside the Barrackpur Sports Complex ground in the Warless Gate Royal Park area in the district of North 24 Parganas, both male and female players were practicing games. Some local Muslim boys (aged between 16 and 22), sitting beside the ground, have started whistling and taunting the female players of the club. Such eve teasing is a regular phenomenon there. Then the Muslim eve teasers asked a female player named Dona to give her and her friends (all girls) mobile numbers. Dona was scared. Somehow she fled from that corner of the ground. Then the boys started shouting ‘WE WILL GO TO YOUR HOUSES. WE’LL SIT ON YOUR BEDS, and WE WILL DO-------‘

Hearing this, the male players who were warming up there, protested. They too were slapped and thrashed by the hooligans. For self protection all the players took shelter inside the Club building.

Then at around 6.15 pm, about 50-60 Muslim boys (age 16 – 22) came and entered the club building and ransacked the premises including bathrooms which are used by the female players for changing their dresses. At least six female players were molested. Among them, 2 girls named Puja Sinha (17) and Dolly Biswas (14) were mercilessly beaten up.

Puja Sinha, who was admitted to a local hospital Sarada Nursing Home for two days told visiting journalists, “I was mainly beaten up on my breast region. They stood on my breast and kicked me up.” When asked, who were those boys? She replied that all of them were Muslim boys from Mohanpur (Chopkathalia) Masjid Para. Puja Singha also said that earlier too these boys used to taunt and whistle upon them, and they (the girls) complained to the club members and secretary about this.

Club Secretary Ajay Barman Roy, a local CPIM leader, asked visiting journalists not to write anything that will prevent Muslim boys from playing on this ground. When asked why he did not prevent the Muslim boys when they were teasing and insulting the girl players for so long, he replied that he can’t say anything more and he suggested to ask Bishnupada Chaki, a senior member of the sports forum, about the detail.
When contacted, Bishnupada Chaki’s face was pale due to fear. He said that suddenly 50-60 miscreants came and started looting and demolishing the Sports Complex properties. Chaki said, the hooligan boys have beaten up the female players severely, specially on the breast region. Then Bishnupada Chaki said that some senior members from Masjid Para namely Salam(36), Kalam(38) and Moba removed the attackers after the incident.

Salam, who is also a local CPIM leader, asked the club members not to report the incident to the police. He also started removing the signs of destruction in the Sports Complex building. The local people agitated over it and then only he stopped doing so.

The Sports Complex / Club authority made a general complaint to Titagarh Police Station, without naming any culprit out of fear. The G.D. no. is 1211 dt. 16.04.10. They lodged a written complain to the Addl. Superintendent of Police of North 24 Parganas district on 18.04.10. They informed the matter to the local Panchayat Pradhan Premchand Biswas (CPIM) and Barrackpur Municipality Chairman Bijoli Kanti Mitra (CPIM).The Sports Complex is totally controlled by CPIM. They can threaten, suppress and silence the Hindus.


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